The Legend of Booger Hill

by Dan Harris
Booger Hill Bee Company

If you’re my age, 50+, and were raised in the South you’ll recognize the term booger as referring to a spirit or ghost. The story I heard is that during the late 1800s and early 1900s local farmers brought their corn to Roger’s Mill in horse and mule drawn wagons. Farmers coming from the south would travel along a ridge-hugging path above the South Fork Broad River. On the climb up a small slope on this path their teams would balk. The animals would struggle to turn away and often refused to cross the hill. These weren’t skittish creatures. They were mature, work hardened farm mules and horses that were calm in the harness, at least until they had to cross this hill. It became common knowledge that the hill was haunted. Many of the farmers chose the longer route to Roger’s Mill to avoid crossing Booger Hill.